Pradeepchandra Reddy SC

Data Scientist/Analyst

I am passionate about Data Science and Business. Seeking opportunities to leverage my knowledge and expertise in helping organizations build valuable insights for improving their performance and solving business problems by leveraging data.

I am keen to work in a Data Science role to generate data-driven solutions and make impactful decisions regarding product performance in the market. I have hands-on experience in creating interactive dashboards using Tableau, enabling decision-makers to review significant information at a glance.

Previously, I was preparing for civil services and now I am working as a part-time Content Creator for UPSC and other PSCs (Question Papers, Script Checking). I also serve as a Content Reviewer for KPSC category at Unacademy and mentor civil services aspirants.



Proficient in various SQL statements, data manipulation, and ensuring data control and security through access privileges and constraints.


Experienced in Python syntax, data analysis, visualization, and machine learning using libraries like NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow.


Proficient in statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and exploratory data analysis for deriving meaningful insights from data.

Machine Learning

Strong foundation in regression, classification, and clustering techniques, with hands-on experience in building and evaluating machine learning models.


Proficient in Tableau for transforming complex datasets into compelling visual representations and extracting valuable insights.


Skilled in GitHub for version control, creating and managing repositories, branching, merging, and resolving conflicts.


Proficient in conda environments for managing software dependencies and creating isolated development environments.


Experienced in various Integrated Development Environments for enhanced productivity, code auto-completion, syntax highlighting, debugging, and version control integration.


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B E Mechanical Engineering + Masters in Data Science (Simplilearn)

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Pradeepchandra Reddy S C
Data Scientist/Analyst